HrWhat services does your handyman business offer?

Our handyman business offers a wide range of services such as painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, installation, repair and maintenance services, and more. Contact us or review our website to view the specific services we offer in your area.


How do I schedule an appointment with handyman services?

You can easily schedule an appointment with us by calling or texting our customer service number or filling out our online appointment form. We will try to respond to your request promptly and schedule a convenient date and time for our handyman to visit your home or office.


What are your rates for Handyman services?

Our rates for handyman services depend on the specific service required, the complexity of the task, and the time required to complete it. We offer gradual rate. Starting at 95$ an hour. At the 5 hr charge, (anything after 4 hours) the rate drops to $75 an hour. There is a second rate drop at the 20 hr charge. To $55 an hour. There are two material charges. For small parts that I carry around in the work van I charge 5$ per part. Other matertial I charge at 1.4 rate. Tiger handyman services reserves the right to forgoe the rate drop on tasks that are entirely Electrical and Plumbing related. A common charge for a service call  lasting half a day is $375.

Do you offer free estimates?

I do not normally offer free estimates. Most of the work I do is small and inconsequential in nature and so I don't normally offer free estimates. I can text or call and guess how long something will take. If you have a task that is over two thousand dollars after labor and materials I can offer an on site estimate that costs a flat fee of $75. This is credited back to the customer if Tiger handyman goes under contract to do the task/project.

What are some services that Tiger handyman can offer under an hour?

  • Faucet replacement
  • Switch or light socket replacement
  • Single light install
  • Tv Mounting 

What areas does Tiger Handyman service? 

Eugene, Pleasant Hill, North Springfield, River Road, Coburg, Glenwood, Springfield

What are some ways to save money when hiring Tiger Handyman and other Handyman services?

  • Purchase the material and equipement beforehand. 
  • Clear the area before the service person arrives. 
  • Ask about saving 5% and 10% respectivly on labor costs. 

Is there a grace period the tech goes over an hour? 

Yes. There is a 5 min grace period. Up to a 15 minute grace period. (depending on the tech's discretion.)

Do Tiger Handyman techs accept tips? 


What payment methods does Tiger Handyman accept?

Cash, check, credit cards, venmo and paypal.


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